About Me

Back in 2004 I was offered a job to assist my step-dad selling real estate. I started out doing office work while I learned the ins and outs of the business and eventually started to study for my real estate exam. One of my new duties as his assistant was to handle the marketing side of the listings. That meant doing all of the photography. Problem was, I've never taken a photograph in my life. I fumbled my way through it not knowing anything about camera settings, compositions, lighting, etc. I just turned some dials on the camera until I saw something that looked decent. Luckily, digital cameras were just starting to get traction which made things a little easier. 

Fast forward a number of years - I wasn't quite sold on the life of a real estate agent. During my life as a Realtor, I purchased my first DSLR - a Canon T1i. Mainly just to mess around with. 

One day out of the blue I woke up and thought;

"You know what? I'm tired of being a real estate agent. I'm going to start photographing interiors."

Since that was a completely rational thought - seeing as how I was a terrible picture taker (I wouldn't even call myself a photographer at that point). I then spent countless hours researching the craft; watching tutorials, analyzing other photographer's pictures and lots and lots and lots of trial and error.  The best way of learning is by doing in my opinion.  

My style has grown and matured over the years. I produce clean, crisp images through the use of traditional supplemental lighting, modern retouching techniques, solid in the field technique and good old fashion know how. I'm fast, easy to work with and fun to be around.

My work has been featured in a number of magazines, online blogs, websites, print media, newspapers and places I probably don't know about.

Client Testimonials

As a designer the photography of your projects is so important. I have hired a few photographers in the past but was so happy when I found Brandon. He came to the shoot completely prepared with extra lighting and necessary equipment. Lighting can make or break a great shot and he pays a lot of attention to the right lighting which I appreciate. He used the latest technology as well. I was able to see the shot right away! He was also very open to trying a new angle to get the best shot and I didn’t have to wait weeks to receive the images. I am really impressed with Brandon’s work and his service! Look forward to working with him on more shoots!
— Susan Thiel Design
Stellar experience all the way around. Brandon was on time, paid great attention to detail, and delivered the finished photos [] within a day’s time. Highly recommended and a great value.
— Jonathan S.
I had the pleasure of working as PA on a few of his shoots. He is extremely knowledgeable about composition, lighting, and all aspects of creating amazing shots. He shows up prepared and has the right tools to tackle any lighting situation. He is very easy going and fun to work with. His work speaks for itself. He produces top notch work and genuinely cares about his clients and their projects. I highly recommend him to photograph your next project.
— Jon E.