Downtown Orange Historic Building by Kip Klayton

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a past client, Kip Klayton of Kip Klayton Architects, asking me to photograph his current office as he is putting it up for sale. It's a cool historic building in Downtown Orange. This place is wide open - a bit challenging to photograph. I spent the better half of a day creating some of these images. Enjoy!


One of my good clients, Larry Silke with Wallbeds N More, Got on the cover of The Home Mag! We shoot this back in February. It was a long day of shooting, but we can away with some great stuff - as you can see! 

Pretty rewarding seeing your work go out to thousands of home owners throughout Orange County! I look forward to do it again.

Works of Fire

This past 4th of July I tried my hand at photographing some fireworks. My wife and I arrived at the location nice and early to get a decent spot and set up. Only to find that once the show started my view of the fireworks were blocked by a tree! Moving quickly is key if you want to get some decent shots. So we picked up and ran about 50 feet or so to get a nice clear view. From there it was just determining how many fireworks I wanted in each frame and adjusted the shutter speed accordingly. With a little bit of luck and timing I got a handful of shots that I thought came out pretty nice! Have a look and let me know what you think!