Private Residence by Stuff Interiors

A few months back - I got to spend the afternoon with Sandra Castro-Bran with Stuff Interiors photographing one of her many projects. We started off shooting the newly furnished formal living room along with a few kitchen and family photos. Then we headed to the backyard! This was a really cool space. Not often do I see a contemporary design like this in suburbia North Tustin. We shoot into the night - when the space truly comes to life!

All of the exterior images where photographed with nothing but the ambient light. I really wanted a nature feel to the photos to reflect all of the hard work and tought that went into the design and lighting scheme. 

February 2014 In Review

Man, where does the time go? I can't believe we are already in March! Guess I better get to doing my taxes...

Anyway. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite shots from this past month. Enjoy! 


One of my good clients, Larry Silke with Wallbeds N More, Got on the cover of The Home Mag! We shoot this back in February. It was a long day of shooting, but we can away with some great stuff - as you can see! 

Pretty rewarding seeing your work go out to thousands of home owners throughout Orange County! I look forward to do it again.

Works of Fire

This past 4th of July I tried my hand at photographing some fireworks. My wife and I arrived at the location nice and early to get a decent spot and set up. Only to find that once the show started my view of the fireworks were blocked by a tree! Moving quickly is key if you want to get some decent shots. So we picked up and ran about 50 feet or so to get a nice clear view. From there it was just determining how many fireworks I wanted in each frame and adjusted the shutter speed accordingly. With a little bit of luck and timing I got a handful of shots that I thought came out pretty nice! Have a look and let me know what you think!